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Brussels SMEs wishing to protect the results of their industrial or experimental development research may benefit from Protect financial intervention.

This aid helps to cover the costs of obtaining and validating patents concerning R&D projects, whether they are financed by the Region or not.

The financial intervention covers admissible costs over a maximum period of three years starting from the notice of receipt issued by Innoviris when the grant application is submitted. By admissible costs, we mean costs related to the patent application procedure: different expenses and associated costs (fees, management costs, certification of official documents, translations, etc.).


Your company may benefit from Protect aid if it fulfils the following conditions:

  • Be a small or medium-sized enterprise 

  • develop all or some of its activities within the territory covered by the Brussels-Capital Region

  • show the interest of the aid in the frame of the enterprise's development strategy

  • show that the object of the aid is likely to have a favourable impact on the economy, employment and/or sustainable development of the Brussels-Capital Region

  • show one's ability to finance one's share in the patent's costs

  • have submitted an application for aid before submitting the patent application (priority submission or geographic extension during the priority year)

  • have fulfilled its obligations in the context of previous support initiatives allocated by the Region.

Applications may be submitted to Innoviris at any time of the year using the form available in the French and Dutch version of the website.

In order to be eligible, aid applications must be submitted to Innoviris before the submission of the patent application or before the application for the extension of the priority year.

Type of financial intervention

Financial aid may be allocated as a grant.


Rate of financial intervention (maximum)


  The application follows on from a project financed by Innoviris The application does not follow on from a project financed by Innoviris

research (R)

development (D)

R or D

Micro enterprise/Small enterprise




Medium enterprise




The basic rate may be increased by 15% when the research from which the results come is carried out in cooperation with a research organisation. The rate of intervention is limited to 80%.


Innoviris contact person


Sebastian Serrano

Innovation facilitator

Industrial Research and Innovation Team

Tel. +32 2 600 50 63