European programmes

European programmes

European aid programmes for companies

European aid programmes for companies


In addition to regional or national aids for R&D, on a European level there is a large range of programmes designed to support R&D, the innovation and competitiveness of companies, universities, research centres and other European innovation stakeholders. These programmes are either sectoral (ICT, nanotechnologies, etc.) or focused on a specific type of stakeholder (SME, etc.), activity, or problem (ageing population, environmental challenge, etc.).
The funding for these programmes may come from the European Union, national funding agencies or from co-funding involving the Union and national agencies.

The main support programme for RDI is the Horizon 2020 programme. This programme, managed by the European Commission, covers a very wide range of scientific and technological themes (via thematic calls for projects), and concerns all RDI stakeholders and includes sub-programmes covering the different steps in the innovation chain, from the most basic research to activities closer to the market.

In parallel to this programme, there is a pan-European network supporting innovative market-oriented collaborative projects which give companies a prominent position. This network, called EUREKA works mainly according to a bottom-up approach without any limitation in terms of the technological themes.

These two main programmes accompany or include a multitude of thematic programmes designed to support RDI in a specific sector. Thus, Innoviris supports several programmes in the sectors presented below.

Note: In order to offer Brussels innovation stakeholders, and more particularly research organisations and SMEs, support in their internalisation and the drafting of a European project, Innoviris set up a financial support measure called Connect designed to cover costs related to the preparation of such a project.


Connect: Financial aid for the preparation of European projects

Horizon 2020: Very complete programme comprising a multitude of secondary tools designed to cover all aspects of innovation

EUREKA: market-oriented RDI

Eurostars: market-oriented RDI according to a bottom-up approach designed mainly for SMEs

Clusters: market-oriented RDI in specific fields

EUREKA Network Projects: market-oriented RDI according to a bottom-up approach

Ambient Assisted Living (AAL): ICT technologies applied to health and the ageing population

Urban Europe: Urban development in all its aspects

ECSEL: Intelligent electronic systems and components