EUREKA is a European intergovernmental network bringing together more than 40 countries around a common goal: to encourage R&D and industrial innovation in order to stimulate the competitiveness of companies and the marketing of new products, processes or services.

The programme facilitates the coordination of national funding in order to encourage European and international RDI projects. To that end, it brings together 41 countries centred around Europe and three associated countries, namely South Korea, South Africa and Canada, determined to set up initiatives enabling the implementation of innovative transnational projects.

Founded in 1985, from the outset, EUREKA opted for a bottom-up approach covering all technological themes and targeting all civilian projects which aim to develop new products, processes or services. Only military projects are not eligible. Thus, EUREKA invites innovation stakeholders to develop technological projects based on their own enterprise strategy and to take charge of the definition of projects which will improve their competitiveness and reinforce their position on the market.

The EUREKA network provides a quality label for the projects selected but relies on its Member States' funding agencies to provide funding for RDI activities.

Belgium has been a member of EUREKA since the network's creation. In this frame, Innoviris, along with the VLAIO for Flanders and DG06 of the Walloon Public Service, is the funding agency for this network and enables Brussels stakeholders participating in a EUREKA project to receive funding for the project's implementation.

A genuine cooperation and discussion platform between the network's member or associated countries, EUREKA is also a political platform defining a pan-European strategy around the competitiveness of innovative enterprises.


Programme's activities

EUREKA covers several sub-programmes or initiatives:

  • Eurostars: a purely bottom-up programme supporting the market-oriented R&D projects of small and medium enterprises.

  • Clusters: EUREKA clusters are programmes initiated by enterprise groupings around a theme of particular strategic importance for European competitiveness. Thus, every year, these clusters launch calls for projects open to all in order to bring together the sector's European stakeholders around projects implementing a strategic road map. Seven clusters currently exist

  • Umbrellas: Umbrella initiatives are thematic networks bringing together stakeholders from the same sector with a view to setting up cooperations between them. There are currently three Umbrellas in the fields of tourism, manufacturing industries and surface material engineering.

  • EUREKA Network projects: a purely bottom-up and very open sub-programme, they are the main mechanism of the EUREKA programme. They offer a label for RDI projects implemented through international cooperation which have been validated by the participating partners' States.


EUREKA information and contact points

  • EUREKA secretariat: the EUREKA secretariat, based in Brussels, is the network's central unit. It organises the network's activities, coordinates discussions, manages the database and ensures communication. It also ensures the implementation of the sub-programme Eurostars.

  • National Projects Coordinator (NPC): Contact points in member and associated countries, the NPC ensures the network's operational functioning in its respective country. They inform potential candidates and project participants, help them in their procedures and provide a link between them, national administrations and the EUREKA secretariat.

The Brussels NCP is Mathilde Reumaux (see contact details below). For further information about the other Belgian NCPs and the NCPs in other participating countries, please consult the corresponding websites.


Belgium Switzerland Sweden call in the EUREKA netwerk


In the framework of an agreement gathering these countries (the EUREKA network), the innovation funding agencies of Belgium (Brussels, Wallonia and Flanders), Switzerland and Sweden encourage and financially support the applied research or development projects involving at least two entities coming from at least two of the here above mentioned countries. 

A call for proposals will therefore be launched (automn 2017) to fund collaborative innovation projects between these countries (with at least two entities of two different countries).

More information will be available soon. On the 04.10.2017 an event is organised, more information here. 


Innoviris contact person


Marianne Da Silva

International Projects Advisor

Industrial Research and Innovation Team

Tel. +32 2 600 50 20