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Innovative Brussels Care

Innovative Brussels Care - Participation in the programme Proeftuin Zorginnovatieruimte Vlaanderen

The ageing population is a major challenge as much for the Brussels-Capital Region as for the Flemish Region. In response to this challenge, on the initiative of the Flemish government, IWT launched the programme Proeftuin ZorginnovatieRuimte Vlaanderen

The aim of this programme is to deal with the challenges of an ageing population by stimulating innovation in healthcare for the elderly through support for innovative projects concerning all of the aspects related to this field including prevention, information, diagnosis, care and interventions.

The programme Proeftuin ZorginnovatieRuimte Vlaanderen is a "living lab". In other terms, it is an active structure comprising an experimental platform to which several research and experimental development projects can be attached. Therefore, the "living lab" is an experimental environment in which organisations may test their innovative technologies, products, services and concepts and benefit from recourse to a population representative of users which will test them directly in their private and professional environment. This should enable relevant and adaptive innovation. 

The Innovative Brussels Care call for projects

In October 2013, IWT launched a call for projects wishing to join one of the four experimental platforms created in July 2013, including the platform "Actief Zorgzame Buurt", which, among other things, is active in the Brussels municipalities of Etterbeek and Schaerbeek. In accordance with the declared wish of regional governments to establish an inter-regional collaboration and in order to enable Brussels entities to submit a project, Innoviris, in charge of the financing of Brussels partners, launched a collaboration with IWT, the Living Labs -  Innovative Brussels Care call for projects.

Those eligible for this call for projects are:

  • companies with at least one operating office located in the Brussels-Capital Region.

  • non-profit associations located in the Brussels-Capital Region with an economic activity related to healthcare.

  • private and public hospitals and rest homes.

By the call for project's closing date, two projects were submitted to Innoviris. After evaluation by a jury (comprising advisers from Innoviris and IWT as well as nine experts), the two projects were selected. These are the projects:

  • MeetMove: this project aims to evaluate the physical, mental and social impact of adapted physical activities (APA) among fragile populations living in their neighbourhood: to define and develop standard content for APA programmes reinforcing home care and well-being; and to set up their conditions for development (training, integration into neighbourhoods, communication, information, etc.). A maximum grant of a total of €276,607 for a period of 30 months was allocated to two non-profit associations and one company for the project's implementation.

  • Inspirerend & innovatief wonen & werken: the objective of this project is to develop new small-scale residential models for the elderly, as well as new work models designed to reinforce the quality of life of the elderly in their neighbourhood whilst also allowing them to choose the model best suited to their needs and wishes. A maximum grant of a total of €425,054 for a period of 30 months was allocated to four non-profit associations and two companies for the project's implementation. 

The advantages for Brussels? 

Ultimately, the results of the two projects selected will lead to direct and/or indirect economic and social enhancement. More particularly, they will enable: 

  • A saving for the social security service by reducing the many effects related to the lack of physical activity among the elderly (falls and fractures, diabetes, isolation, etc.).

  • The improvement of the health, well-being, and social ties of the elderly, the very elderly, people suffering from serious illness (Alzheimer's, Parkinson’s, etc.) and the ageing mentally disabled.

  • Job creation for physical trainers through the development of adapted physical activity group lesson modules.

  • The optimum use of available housing structures.

  • A reduction in the dilapidation of buildings.

  • Better profitability of public investments in the housing sector.

  • A widening of the diversity of the healthcare offering and improvement of access to them.

  • An improvement in social cohesion and well-being in the neighbourhoods.

Living labs

Association in the Living Labs programme Proeftuin ZorginnovatieRuimte Vlaanderen was the prior step in the launch of our programme Co-create - Living Labs. 

Through this programme, we wish to bring closer the Brussels population, the world of research and innovation and the corporate world. Therefore, this programme targets applied research and innovation projects which will be part of a co-creation dynamic and will be implemented in living labs which they will establish with the end users as partners. 

The first phase of the Co-create programme is launched by Innoviris in the frame of line 4 "Sustainable food" of the 'Alliance for Employment and the Environment. The Co-create call for projects for sustainable food systems in the Brussels-Capital Region is in progress. For further information about this subject, please click here. 


Contact and additional information

For further information about the financial aid allocated by Innoviris in the frame of the programme Proeftuin ZorginnovatieRuimte Vlaanderen, please contact:


Innoviris contact person


Xavier Hulhoven

Scientific Advisor

Strategic Research Team

Tel: +32 2 600 50 68


Kim Van Aken

Scientific Advisor

Strategic Research Team

Tel: +32 2 600 50 56