EUREKA clusters are initiatives launched by groups of enterprises around themes of strategic importance for the group and, more particularly, for European industry and competitiveness. Coordinated by these enterprises in cooperation with the EUREKA secretariat and the Member States' representatives, they base their activities on a strategic document (road map, white book, etc.) establishing a medium-term vision for the sector considered.

Open to all RDI stakeholders from the sector, calls for projects are launched every year by clusters in order to encourage all these stakeholders to present projects which cover the objectives of the afore-mentioned road map. Steadily increasing, today, SMEs represent more than 30% of participation in clusters' projects. This type of involvement not only allows them to develop their innovation capacity but also opens doors for them to a network of stakeholders in their field of activity. Universities and research organisations are also welcome in these programmes.

Accredited projects target the development and commercial operation of new technologies. 

For further information about clusters, please consult the website.


List of clusters


ITEA 3  (Software-Intensive Systems and Services sector)

PENTA (Nanotechnologies)

EURIPIDES² (Integrated smart systems based on microtechnology)


EUROGIA 2020 (Green energy technologies: Fuelling Europe's Response to the Global Energy Challenge)


CELTIC PLUS (Communication of the future: broadband infrastructure, broadband services, optical networks, security and mobile services)


Metallurgy Europe