Scientific and technical Center of the construction sector


Today, more than ever, the construction sector must develop quickly in order to meet several challenges of the present and the future. Entrepreneurs must constantly innovate, find new materials and adapt their working methods to many new products.

Owing to its context and the specific challenges of its status as a city, Brussels has specific needs in this field. Construction sector enterprises may benefit from CSTC aid for their innovation through three basic missions: scientific and technical research, innovation and development, support and advice.


Technological and strategic guidance of Brussels enterprises

"Sustainable construction in Brussels-Capital Region" technological guidance aims to increase the competences and knowledge of the Brussels sector, in particular by stimulating innovative activities and technologies in the field of sustainable construction.

The current themes concern: energy in buildings, acoustic comfort, the use of sustainable materials, renovation, maintenance and the accessibility of buildings. Recently, the themes Timber construction and sustainable roofs were added.

Originally with the sole mission of providing advice, guidance very quickly widened the technical themes taken into account and added two complementary packages to its service offering: "Technology watch" promoting new technologies and "Innovative prospection" focused on market opportunities.

Innoviris' criteria

Innoviris allocates CSTC funding corresponding to 80% of the guidance budget which helps to finance a highly qualified team of 3.5 full-time equivalents.

In 2012, the CSTC benefited from €593 K of aid from Innoviris, namely 80% of the budget required for a two-year period, ending in September 2014.


Other actions managed by the CTSC

Strategic platform "Brussels Retrofit XL"

Since 2012, and in accordance with the actions developed with the employment-environment alliance in eco-construction, the CSTC has been the coordinator of the platform "Brussels Retrofit XL" which aims to implement technological transfer from research centres to enterprises in Brussels.

The strategic platform "Brussels Retrofit XL" benefits from €4.17 million of funding from Innoviris. It brings together 11 research projects by 13 teams from Brussels universities and research centres. The CSTC is responsible for the platform's coordination and for research projects concerning 'LCA and renovation', 'Prefab renovation' and "Sustainable external insulation systems'.

Brussels Greenbizz

In partnership with Impulse, Bruxelles Environnement and Citydev.brussels, the CSTC has committed to developing the eco-construction incubator "Brussels Greenbizz" .

Brussels Sustainable Research Platform

The Brussels Sustainable Research Platform wishes to link enterprises and research institutions in order to facilitate cooperation between researchers and the private sector.

That is why, on this platform, you will find information about Brussels's research units:

  • their competences (the subjects in which they are carrying out research)

  • services offered to enterprises

  • their most important research projects

Furthermore, via this platform, you can enter into contact with researchers.

The Brussels research platform is coordinated by Innoviris and the CSTC and, was created within the Employment-Environment Alliance with the support of the Brussels-Capital Region.


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