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Promotion of the research and the innovation


Apart from the different financial support programmes for companies, research organisations and the non-commercial sector, Innoviris also finances actions targeting the promotion of science and innovation.

These actions target different groups, namely young people, the general public and Brussels stakeholders of scientific research and innovation


Science information for young people

Faced with increasingly large technological and scientific challenges and the leading place now occupied by science in the future of our planet, it is essential to prepare the scientists of the future. Information actions targeting young people which discuss scientific professions and careers aim to attract more and more young people to science by eliminating the many dust-ridden clichés which make it inaccessible.

These actions are managed by specialist non-profit associations, or by schools and other teaching institutions.


Science information for the general public

It is also important to help all Brussels residents understand the increasingly important place occupied by science in our everyday life. Scientific applications are not limited solely to so-called traditional sectors, such as medicine and life sciences. Science is everywhere, as much in our smartphones as in our video games or even in our credit cards.

These actions aim to popularise the concrete results of scientific research among the general public.


Information actions for scientific research stakeholders

Innoviris also finances more technical research results popularisation actions for the scientific world and all its stakeholders.


Innoviris contact person


Montserrate Pascual Roca

Science Communication Officer

Transversal services

Tél. +32 2 600 50 65