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Call for projects aimed at raising awareness about science and ICT among young people

Fadila Laanan, State Secretary for Scientific Research, has decided to launch a new programme to facilitate access to science and ICT.

Innoviris's FabLab Mobile project call is aimed at supporting one or more projects that raise awareness of science and technology and studies and jobs in these areas among people in Brussels.

 The objective of the programme is to create awareness among young people in Brussels about ICT via a mobile Fab Lab.

The projects submitted must comprise the following elements:

·        A proposal for the purchase and/or conversion of a vehicle that will be used as a Fab Lab (as a whole or in part), for instance a bus;

·        The two-year programme must comprise several awareness raising activities in Brussels.

The projects must be led by various partners. For instance, collaboration between an NPO for scientific popularisation or animation and an existing Fab Lab could lead to a good balance between teaching technical skills and the educational aspect.

Projects aimed at raising awareness among the most vulnerable group of young people, who have no contact with the environment of personal fabrication and/or among whom little awareness is raised in general when it comes to science and technology, are especially appreciated.

Criteria for organisations:

Organisations that can take part in the project call are:

·        enterprises with at least one place of business in the Brussels Capital Region

·        non-profit organisations with at least one place of business in the Brussels Capital Region

·        research institutions (universities, university colleges and collective research centres) in the Brussels Capital Region.

Self-employed persons who do not fit into the categories described above cannot submit an application. However, they may participate in a project as a subcontractor or a self-employed person within the budget of one of the partners.

Criteria for projects:

An application is eligible when it is complete and complies with all previously established criteria, concretely:

·        The application is submitted to Innoviris by a person who is legally authorised to represent the organisation, at the latest on the deadline of the call for proposals.

·        The application is completed correctly. The order and form of the Innoviris form must be respected.

·        Applicants must comply with all obligations imposed in the framework of possible previous support granted by the Region.

·        The project must not start before the funding application is submitted.

·        Candidates must not have financial difficulties.

·        Candidates must have at least one place of business on the territory of the Region.

The application form including the annexes must be sent at the latest on 16 August 2017 at 12:00 p.m. in one copy, printed on the front and back, to the following address:


For the attention of Muriel Possoz - Call for Mobile Fab Lab
Brussels Institute for Research and Innovation
Chaussée de Charleroi 110

Additionally, an electronic version, in doc or docx format, must be sent to the following address: funding-request@innoviris.brussels.

Applications submitted after that date will not be considered.

Selection criteria

  • respecting the admission criteria

  • the innovative nature and the scientific quality of the project

  • the creative and playful nature of the proposed activities

  • the quality and professional experience of the employees assigned to this project, as well as the quality of the scientific, technical and functional framework of the project

  • the correspondence between the resources used and the objective of the project

  • the impact of the project on the target group from a quality and quantity perspective

  • the economic and/or social impact on the Region

  • the feasibility of the project

  • the importance of collaboration and the motivation of the various partners

  • the contact with the different Fab Labs in Brussels

  • the impact on young people and, in particular, those from vulnerable environments


Financing of the projects

In principle, the financial support is limited to EUR 100,000 per project partner.

The ceilings for the projects are:

  • a maximum of EUR 200,000 per project that involves 2 partners

  • a maximum of EUR 300,000 per project that involves 3 partners

  • a maximum of EUR 400,000 per project that involves 4 partners

  • a maximum of EUR 500,000 per project that involves 5 partners

  • a maximum of EUR 600,000 per project that involves 6 partners.

These amounts must be distributed evenly between the different partners.

The support granted in the framework of the Fablab Mobile campaign is de minimis aid in accordance with European Commission Regulation no 1407/2013.

This formula has been developed for the funding of projects with a duration of 24 months, which may be extended.


Need more information? 

Would you like more information? Have a look at the application form in the toolbox or contact:


Innoviris contact person


Muriel Possoz

Science Promotion Advisor

Tel. +32 2 600 50 15