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I Love Science Festival

I Love Science Festival

Call for projects aimed at raising awareness about science and innovation among young people

In its Regional Innovation Plan (GIP/PRI 2016-2020), the Government of the Brussels Capital Region wants to provide an answer to the growing demand for qualified personnel in the RDI sector (Research, Development & Innovation). The strategy of the GIP/PRI includes campaigns and mechanisms for the promotion of scientific and technological careers.

The Region not only wants to develop a number of tools for the promotion of science and technology among young people to arouse their interest in research, development and innovation, it also wants to maintain the interest of the general public in this area.

That is why Innoviris and Visit.brussels are organising the second edition of the I love Science Festival, a three-day science festival intended to act as a hub for all kinds of initiatives related to scientific awareness raising.


During three days, the I love Science Festival in Brussels will gather together different initiatives aimed at promoting sciences and technology among young people and the general public.

The second edition of the ILSF will take place in Brussels from 28 to 29 April 2019 in Brussels Expo. The aim of this science festival is to attract schoolchildren on Friday and the general public on Saturday and Sunday. The festival is ambitious, striving for minimum 25,000 visitors in 3 days.

During the festival a wide range of activities will be organised, such as animation, conferences, visits, shows, exhibitions, workshops, open labs, debates and round tables, et cetera.

Criteria for organisations:

Any not-for-profit structure or entity (natural persons are excluded) with or without legal personality established on Belgian territory is eligible.

Preference will be given to actors established in the Brussels Capital Region. 

Criteria for projects:

  • The main aim of the projects must be to raise awareness among young people and/or the general public about science and/or technology. Projects submitted in a different way than through this form will not be admitted.

  • Free participation in the activity by the public.

  • Preference will be given to projects aimed at both a French and a Dutch-speaking public. 

The application form must be sent at the latest on 12 September 2018 at 12:00 p.m. in one copy, printed on the front and back, to the following address:


For the attention of Sébastien Rush
Brussels Institute for Research and Innovation
Chaussée de Charleroi 110

Additionally, an electronic version, in doc or docx format, must be sent to the following address: funding-request@innoviris.brussels.

Applications submitted after that date will not be considered.

Selection criteria

  • respecting the admission criteria

  • the size of the target group

  •  the innovative nature and the scientific quality of the project

  • the creative and playful nature of the proposed activities

  • the quality and professional experience of the employees assigned to this project, as well as the quality of the scientific, technical and functional framework of the project

  • the correspondence between the resources used and the objective of the project

  • the feasibility of the project


Financing of the projects

The support granted in the framework of I Love Science is de minimis aid in accordance with European Commission Regulation no 1407/2013.

Therefore, the beneficiaries must be careful that the amount received does not result in the total amount of de minimis aid granted to them exceeding the ceiling of EUR 200,000 over a 3-year period, as established by Regulation no 1407/2013. They must sign a statement confirming this.

The funding of the projects is intended to pay for the following:

  • personnel costs

  • operational costs that are directly related to the performance of the project, excluding the actual costs of its implementation

  • indirect costs (up to a maximum of 10% of the personnel costs)

  • investment costs

All expenses must be justified providing proof and approved by Innoviris. The eligible expenses and the payment conditions are established in a decree and a funding agreement.

Innoviris and Visit Brussels are responsible for all costs involved in the general logistics of the ILSF, namely: the rent of the venue, the infrastructure, including stands, furniture, electricity, Internet (Wi-Fi and cable), catering, et cetera.


Innoviris contact person 


Sebastien Rush

Event officer

Communication and science promotion Team

Tel. +32 2 600 50 11